Imagine a kid who would rather go to school than to Disneyland!

A student at the Tracey Learning Center (three schools using the TLC Method)  asked his parents to go to school rather than take a family trip to Disneyland with a sibling whose school was on an alternate schedule. 
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A new model for public education has been created at the

Tracy Learning Center (TLC) in California.  This new model is

called the TLC Model.  After a year of development and 12 years

of operation, the Tracey Learning Center schools have proven

remarkably successful.

The Tracy Learning Center has partnered with Emaginos, Inc.

Emaginos is an organization that is committed to providing all

the logistical, technical, and training support needed by schools

and school districts as they adopt the TLC Method.

TransformingTheK12 is a non-profit organization that is raising

money for the education of parents, teachers, administrators, and

public officials about the many advantages in transforming their

local schools to the TLC Method.

Hear our teachers describe the TLC TransformingTheK12 Learning System as it is currently being used at the Tracy Learning Center: Emaginos is dedicated to transforming America's K-12 public education system by engaging every child through customized education. 

The TLC Method is an integrated, comprehensive collection of proven best

practices that can be adopted or adapted to be implemented by any K-12 public

school.  It is delivered as a subscription service and can be implemented within

existing school budgets.   

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