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Emaginos, Inc.

13428 Maxella Ave #144 Marina del Rey, CA   90292 United States t: 571-921-4200 web: emaginos.com web: transformingtheK12.com email: info@emaginos.com
Allan Jones, President A career technology leader and educator with a history for management and innovation, Allan has designed and implemented education programs that received national recognition and validation by the U.S. Department of Education. He was one of the founders of an online high school that at one point was providing more than 80% of the State of New Mexico’s distance learning content. He has taught high school math, established and managed a district Information Technology infrastructure, taught college courses, served on a school board, and consulted with schools, districts and states on their technology planning and implementation. He also worked in corporate research for Digital Equipment Corporation and built knowledge transfer relationships between Digital and strategic university researchers. He brings a unique combination of talent and experience to his leadership role. Keith Larick, Chief Education Officer Keith is known for his many education and technology innovations and is a national leader in the integration of technology into teaching and learning. For the past 30 years Keith has participated in trend analysis, forecasting and studies of the future. As a renowned futurist and change agent he has served as a consultant and presenter to more than 500 businesses and educational organizations. Keith was appointed by the California Senate to serve on the California Master Plan for K-12 Education and California Technology Commission. He has served on the Executive Committee and Board of the Agency for Instructional Technology; a consultant for IBM, Compaq, ACER, AT&T, Digital Equipment Corporation, Global Digital Utilities Inc., and Emaginos Inc. In addition, he has served as president and CEO of Vistar Technologies software and consulting services company.
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