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We Can’t Do It Alone!

Emaginos and The Tracy Learning Center have done an amazing job creating and

testing the TLC Method.  Our non-profit organization, TransformingTheK12, is

successfully raising funds to enable us to transform additional schools.

Without public support, however, our efforts will fail.  We need parents, teachers, principals, PTA members, school board members and public officials to demand that their schools be transformed.

Your Tax Deductible PayPal Contribution Will Allow Us To:

Contact potential schools and determine if they want to use our model.

Make the final selection of which schools we will work with.

Provide funds to the Tracy Learning Center to adapt our software to the

new schools selected.

Collaborate with the new school districts to raise funds to pay for the


Train teachers and school staffs.

Provide computers, software and other materials.

Involve the schools’ communities in the transformation.

Nominate a School

If you would like to nominate a school to be our next Emaginos school, email us 

and tell us the name and location of the school and a brief description of why you

think educational transformation is needed there.  We will respond personally to

every nomination.

Contact Us for Press Materials and Educational Packets Please feel free to email us a request for information in a format suitable for the press or to assist in presenting the TLC Method to the public.
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