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The following quote from our visionary founder, Jack Taub, captures our passion

and purpose. 

“Customizing education for every child will ensure that never again will our

children’s hopes, futures, and dreams be determined by the color of their skin, the

quality of their healthcare, the poverty in their home and/or community and last

but far from least the teachers’ and students’ ability to withstand the frustration

and boredom inherent in today’s public education systems. We will unleash

America’s greatest natural resource; the minds of our children.”

Jack Taub – 2008

Emaginos is dedicated to transforming America's K-12 public education system

by engaging every child through customized education.  Our model is the

TLC Model developed at the Tracy Learning Center in California.

We do not seek to either take over the schools, or eliminate them and replace

them with charter schools, but rather to facilitate existing governments and school

boards in transforming the existing public school system.

Unless you were one of the very fortunate few, school did not come close to

providing you the best learning environment.  You probably found school boring;

except when you were allowed to work outside the box. 

Unfortunately, the lid on the box didn’t open nearly often enough.  The same

can be said for kids at the other end of the intellectual spectrum.  Only for them,

the box has a trap door that opens frequently and lets too many of them drop

out altogether. 

We have created a system that is outside the box – and we want to show

parents, schools and districts how to redefine the box so that every student

gets a customized education.

Educating children doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens in a community. 

Beyond the transformation of schools, we intend to restore the local school to its traditional position as the community center for education, athletics, cultural and social events, business, economic development, athletics, and health and wellness. Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence. Click Here to See His TED Talk: How To Escape Education’s Death Valley

Emaginos and TransformingTheK12 CAN provide that

systemic transformation. Our comprehensive, integrated

TLC Method provides a model for transforming the entire

U.S. K-12 educational system.

Our Goals

Our Goals