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The TLC Method is an integrated comprehensive collection of proven best practices that can be implemented in any K-12 public school.  Once the intial transformation is completed, ongoing support is delivered as a  subscription service which can fit easily within existing school budgets. Our model does not seek to either take over the schools, or eliminate them and replace them with charter schools, but rather to facilitate existing governments and school boards in transforming the existing public school system. 

Having an efficient and effective public education system will ultimately allow our country to rebuild our middle class

and reduce the number of young people caught up in the criminal justice system.

Our ultimate goal from the beginning has been not to just transform a single school, but to transform every school

in the country. With that in mind, everything we have done in designing and building the system has as one of its

constraints that it must be implementable in every public school.

There are so many issues inherent in today’s tradition-laden system that incremental reforms don’t stand a chance.  That’s why we speak of transformation, not reform.   We CAN provide that systemic transformation!  Our comprehensive integrated TLC Method provides a model for transforming the entire U.S. K-12 educational  system.  Committed to Transforming Public Schools America can’t solve the big problem with public schools by creating a nation of unregulated and unequal charter schools. We are not an Education Management Organization that takes over and operates schools. The TLC Method trains and then empowers the teachers to operate the school. Rather than taking more money out of the classroom for management, we put the money into the teachers and supports them in operating the school. Things like charter schools, choice/vouchers/magnet schools, and other alternatives may, ultimately, still be offered, but the demand should decrease significantly as the public schools become places where children want to be! Schools of Discovery and Innovation When we talk about learning, we mean it in the sense of discovery and innovation, not recalling facts for high-stakes tests. Everything about our program fosters the students’ curiosity and confidence to become engaged, independent learners. No Teaching to the Test By learning the content standards in a context that uses the information, the students are able to recall it as needed to do very well on high-stakes tests – without ever thinking about preparing for tests as a separate activity from learning. Integrated, Affordable, Effective, STEM and Equity Solution  The vast majority of the educational goals listed in the recent studies (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and PISA) are included in the TLC Method and made available to every child – not just targeted groups. The elements that the studies identified as essential are already integrated into a proven solution.  Scalable and Adaptable From its initial design phase, one of the primary criteria has been that the program must be transformational and implementable in public schools. However, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ program. It is flexible enough to be adapted to a variety of settings. Not political…We don't need Washington to do it! Transformation will occur at the district and school level: requiring no national political approval. Some Features of the TLC Method STEM dropout prevention teacher empowerment differentiated staffing levels teacher recruitment and retention teacher quality and accountability union support digital and educational equity project-based learning student-centered education textbook-free classroom 21st century skills longer school day and year community participation college courses while still in high school minimal homework more time for family activities richer curriculum college courses community service internships and job shadowing reduces “latchkey” issues

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