Emaginos promotes a solution to America’s poorly performing K-12 public education system using existing facilities, existing teachers, existing administrators, and implementable within existing budgets using existing proven best practices.

Nearly every day there is an article or an editorial somewhere describing some school or program that is achieving outstanding results and asking for more money to create more schools in that model. Sometimes they are charter schools, sometimes magnet schools, and sometimes just vouchers/choice programs. Other times they are not even complete schools, simply programs within schools like ESL, dropout prevention, remedial reading, etc. In all cases, there is strong evidence that some students are getting great benefits from the programs.

While they all ask for more money to create more similar schools/programs, none of them talk about fixing all schools. We start with the premise that it is not acceptable to only transform some schools. Every child in the country deserves a quality education, and any program whose goal falls short of that is just a continuation of the problem.

If you’re in the business of profiting from privatizing schools, then you work to make traditional public schools look bad. You bash teachers’ unions. You support politicians who cut funding for public schools. You create voucher/choice programs that drain resources from public schools. When you succeed at doing all these things, voila! The performance of the local schools suffer and the profiteers justify opening more charter schools – taking money from the classrooms and paying charter company corporate executives outrageous salaries.

There is a better way! Instead of closing or replacing public schools, transform them into Emaginos schools of discovery and innovation.