"We will create a national movement to unleash America's largest, unlimited, and virtually untapped source of renewable energy: the minds of all of our children!!! Customizing education for every child will ensure that never again will our children's hopes, futures, and dreams be determined by the color of their skin, their gender, the quality of their healthcare, the poverty in their home and/or community and – last but far from least – the teachers' and students' ability to withstand the frustration and boredom inherent in today's public education systems"

Emaginos is a company dedicated to transforming K-12 public schools to a model composed of integrated proven best practices. We oppose replacing public schools with charter schools or damaging public schools by draining resources through vouchers or school choice programs. We firmly believe in restoring the concept of the neighborhood schools as the center of the community. To achieve this vision, we begin by transforming an initial school in the district to a charter school as a model for the transformation. The charter model in this instance uses the concept as it was intended, to test and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficacy of a new model in the district. After the model is successful in the charter school, the lessons learned in transforming the initial school are used to directly transform the rest of the schools into effective public schools.

To achieve the Emaginos vision, we provide a wide range of resources from technology infrastructure and curriculum to training and other services that enable the local school district to transform and operate its schools in our proven model. The transformed schools operate for the same cost as the previous model. The result is a much better education for the same cost.